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The IDPS Programme Standards, published in September 2010, and the Laboratory Handbook, updated in October 2012, set out the UK National Screening Committee's expectations around the delivery and quality of the IDPS programme locally. These standards should have been fully embedded in practice by April 2012.

The UK NSC non-cancer screening programmes are working to formulate a standardised process for the production of consistent and measurable standards for screening programmes. The Infectious Diseases in Pregnancy Screening (IDPS) Programme is currently reviewing the 2010 Programme Standards. Whilst the new review process is being agreed the current standards continue to be
applicable and used in conjunction with the revised IDPS Service Specification (2014/15) to inform local service provision .( )

Notification will be given when revised standards are ready for consultation, publication and implementation. We anticipate the new standards and laboratory handbook will be out for consultation early 2015.



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